Anonymous: I wish I knew how to draw like you

Well you can, it just takes time to get there

It took me years to actually get to this level, so practice! :) 

Anonymous: do you have a muse/what inspires you when drawing turtles?

Oh boy 

I don’t have a muse, I would be terrible anyway.. haha Though I have a story brewing up in my head and queerturtlethings is really pushing under that with her ideas … ngh 

What inspires me to draw the turtles? Hmmm.. This is actually hard, but I’m gonna say my obsession tendencies are what get the better of me. It all started with just watching the 2k3 series, before I knew it, I started drawing them, the 2012 did help at some extent but it doesn’t really push me into drawing turtles anymore. I don’t think 2k3 does it anymore either at some extent but I haven’t watched anything serious for months now, since I choose drawing over watching. Atm what keeps me drawing them all the time, is just my frightening obsession.  If you throw an idea I like, I have to do it if I like it ( Which queer as been abusing it seems). 

In the end I have no idea what exactly is inspiring me, I just want to be keep on drawing everyday, I try to draw at least 3 hours-8 hours a day, and if I have no idea what to draw, usually I turn to my obsessions, which is all the time… but I think it’s better than drawing nothing at all over the day because you lack inspiration. 

Uh.. I hope that answered your question somehow :S